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About Us

Richard Ring is the Founder and CEO of F3 Intelligence Corp, an Orlando, Florida based private investigation firm. Under Mr. Ring’s leadership, F3 Intelligence became Orlando’s top private investigation company catering to individual, legal, and corporate clientele. The firm is known for both their unique capabilities, as well as the caliber of investigators the firm employs. F3 private investigators consist of only former U.S. Intelligence, Federal Law Enforcement, and technical specialists. F3 Intelligence has redefined an entire industry by raising standards, capabilities, and professionalism.

Mr. Ring is a highly decorated special operations combat veteran and intelligence officer. His military career started as an Air Force Intelligence Analyst before undergoing assessment and selection for one of the most elite data-masked units within the Joint Special Operations Command. He has served as both a Human Targeting Officer and Scientific Applications Liaison Officer. His time within special operations saw him deploy with the Army’s Tier 1 units, and work directly with the CIA, DIA, and NSA. Mr. Ring still serves as a reserve intelligence targeting analyst for the United States Southern Command working various lines of operations with both U.S. and Foreign Law Enforcement.

A Philosophy Built on Experience

F3 Intelligence has been designed to operate in the same manner as our former governmental intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies. This means that most cases are handled by a team of investigators with various specialties in the areas of cyber, surveillance, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, human targeting, criminal investigations, and intelligence analysis. Each of these skillsets has been effectively leveraged to support Personal, Professional, Legal, and Governmental clients around the world. F3 Intelligence orients the right investigators to your given case while blending modern methods with legal and investigative standards. This is why F3 Intelligence maintains some of the highest success rates in the industry.