We Will Do It Together


Legal Professionals​

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For years F3 Intelligence Corp has used its deep bench of talent to empower attorneys with creative resolutions to complex disputes across a variety of practice areas. Offering attorneys capabilities most never knew were possible, while putting ethics and integrity at the forefront. F3 Intelligence Corp has redefined an entire industry in scope, professionalism, and capabilities.

Antitrust Litigation SupportIntellectual Property Litigation Support
Arbitration (Domestic and International) SupportInvestigations and Regulatory Enforcement Support
Bankruptcy Litigation SupportM&A Litigation Support
Board and Officer Representation SupportMass Torts and Product Liability Support
Class Action Defense SupportProfessional Liability Support
Data Security and Privacy SupportSecurities Litigation Support
Environmental SupportShareholder Derivative Actions Support
False Claims Act SupportTrial Support
General Commercial Disputes Support

Corporate Professionals​

F3 Intelligence Corp’s utilization of various disciplines in an integrated and collaborative approach allows executives to ensure they have timely and accurate intelligence to navigate both opportunities and challenges . Whether  Corporate Governance and Board advisory or Mergers and Acquisitions, F3 Intelligence Corp delivers exceptional value to our clients across an array of industries.

Corporate Goverance and Board Advisory
Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
Intellectual Property Research
Environmental, Social, Government Support
Shareholder Activism Defense Support
Capital Market Research
Antitrust Support
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High-Net-Worth Clientele​

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F3 Intelligence Corp’s investigators cater to clientele that expect a higher standard of professionalism, discretion, and expertise. Our client’s value F3 private investigators for their experience, industry unique capabilities, and problem-solving skills. Saying anything more would already be saying too much.

Security Professionals​

21st century security is more than just physical deterrence; it has evolved to become a multi-domain problem set. Accurate and timely intelligence is a force multiplier and requirement for any professional operation.

F3 Intelligence Corp seamlessly integrates intelligence and operations. Professional security is preventative, with our analysts provide Intelligence Preparation of the Environment (IPOE), advanced team threat assessments, and physical and cyber penetration testing. F3’s unique Intelligence Support Operations Cadre (ISOC) provide real time intelligence support and dissemination to security agents in the field.

ISOC capabilities:

  • Tracking and disseminating Significant Activities (SIGACTS)
  • Answering Requests for Further Information (RFI’s)
  • Tracking traffic and pattern of life trends
  • Potential Threat:
  • ID confirmation
  • Mobile number tracing
  • Vehicle plate tracing
  • Email tracing
  • Open-Source Intelligence
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