We Will Do It Together


High-Net-Worth Clientele​

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At F3 our services cater to clientele that expect a higher standard of professionalism and subject matter expertise. Our private investigation services are performed with the utmost discretion. Protecting our client’s identity and level of involvement is just as paramount as the intelligence being collected.

Further, F3 is a problem-solving organization that provides a spectrum of facilitative services, as well as consulting on professional matters. F3 ensures that the right individuals, resources, and capabilities are utilized to offer client’s solutions in addition to decision making intelligence.

Corporate Professionals​

At F3 we understand that Corporations have the same requirement for intelligence as governments. More than ever modern capabilities are needed to protect a corporation from both inside and outside threats, as well as investigate and track threats after an incident has occurred. It is through capabilities like digital forensics, forensic accounting, and multi-spectrum intelligence that F3 does this.

Further F3 believes it is always safer and more cost effective to prevent problems before they occur through proper operation security measures, threat reporting & analysis, and competitor intelligence. F3 also puts a heavy emphasis on due diligence for executive leadership, investors, and employees holding high trust positions.

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Legal Professionals​

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At F3 we like to think we’re different than any private investigation firm you have encountered. Our level of professionalism and capabilities we possess are unique, if not unheard of in the private investigation industry. F3 provides high-end law firms with GBLA compliant bank account and asset investigations, digital forensics, forensic accounting, due diligence, and location services.

However, where F3 shines is in its implementation of investigators from various intelligence and analytical disciplines working as one cohesive intelligence entity. It is through this multi-spectrum analytical approach that F3 solves the hardest problem-sets in the world.

Security Professionals​

21st century security is more than just physical deterrence; it has evolved to become a multi-domain problem set. No different than on the battlefield, accurate and timely intelligence is a force multiplier and a requirement for any professional operation.

F3 seamlessly integrates intelligence and operations. Because F3 understands the best security is preventative, our intelligence analysts provide Intelligence Preparation of the Environment (IPOE), advanced team threat assessments, and physical and cyber penetration testing. During operations, F3’s unique Intelligence Support Operations Cadre (ISOC) provide real time intelligence support and dissemination to security agents in the field.

ISOC capabilities:

  • Tracking and disseminating Significant Activities (SIGACTS)
  • Answering Requests for Further Information (RFI’s)
  • Tracking traffic patterns
  • Potential Threat:
    • ID confirmation
    • Phone number tracing
    • License plate tracing
    • Email tracing
    • Social media pulls
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