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Background Check Investigations

F3 Intelligence leads the industry in background check investigations through its employment of restricted databases, AI driven open-source software, and former U.S. intelligence analysts turned licensed private investigators. Their wholistic, analytical, and multi-source approach ensures F3 clientele have the whole picture when assessing an individual.

What is a Background Check Investigation?

Background checks almost always revolve around individuals. They seek to disprove or validate aspects of the individual’s history and identity, while uncovering additional information that may not be currently known by the client.

What is the difference between a Background Check and Due Diligence?

The first, is that a background check will almost always involve an individual, whereas due diligence investigations may investigate business entities and organizations, as well as individuals. Second, background checks tend to be much more black and white in the way information is presented to the client, whereas a due diligence investigation may add a layer of analytical assessment to enable a client to make a decision.

What is the difference between an F3 Intelligence Background Check and many of the commercial background check sites?

Commercial background check sites do not involve an analyst or investigator in the process, but rather “click and print” access to non-restricted open-source databases. This results in the majority of commercial background check sites providing grossly incomplete or inaccurate information. These commercial background check sites also tend to focus only on criminal records that are only one aspect into an individual’s character.

F3 background investigations will typically involve one or more analysts using restricted databases the commercial sites do not have access to. Further separating, F3 from other Private Investigation Agencies, is that restricted databases are just the start of the F3 background check investigation process. Once an F3 analyst has pulled everything they can from their databases, they utilize multiple AI open-source software to scour both the open, deep, and dark web via chain-link analysis to uncover hidden and unknown accounts. Lastly, F3 analysts manually confirm all found data via original source material with a preference for multi-source confirmation. This is especially important for criminal and address history, as there is no such thing as a “national database”, and in some states and cities where a subject may have resided, they must be manually contacted for records.

Who needs our services and why?

Background checks are requested by corporate, legal, political, and private individuals. Corporate entities rely on background checks for employment screening for positions of trust. Attorneys utilizing background checks for opposition party research, locating witnesses, and subpoenaing various individuals in relation to their case. Political campaigns regularly background check interns and campaign workers in an effort to avoid discrediting their candidate through association, as well as for counter-intelligence purposes. Individuals regularly request background checks for a variety of domestic scenarios, typically in an effort to protect loved ones.