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Crypto Investigations

Crypto Investigators are already rare, but F3 Intelligence Corp stands alone

F3 Intelligence Corp stands alone in the industry by combining both its crypto forensics capabilities with its real-world private investigative services. F3 utilizes blockchain forensic software in unison with Certified Crypto Forensics Investigators (CCFI’s) and licensed Private Investigators (PI’s) capable of conducting every aspect of an investigation from start to finish. While other Crypto Forensics companies will tell you What occurred, F3 is capable of also telling you the Who, Why, and How due to our unique resources only available to licensed private investigation firms. F3 crypto investigations are frequently conducted for criminal fraud, embezzlement, civil litigation, asset searches, and corporate blockchain intelligence analysis.

Solve more cases, document evidence, collect intelligence

F3 uses the same forensics software as many government agencies to conduct their crypto investigations. Forensic software is used to augment F3 crypto investigators, ensuring accurate and timely investigations that are thoroughly documented so that they can be handed over and utilized as evidence should the need arise. F3’s software is unique in that it is multichain capable, while most other firms only track the simplest Bitcoin transactions. As bad actors become savvier, they are moving away from Bitcoin and onto newer chains. In recent cases, bad actors have been seen moving across multiple currency types in an effort to hide their trail. Further, F3’s software enables them to set alerts on specific blockchain wallets clients wish to watch.

Understanding blockchain / crypto

Terms like blockchain and crypto are frequently thrown around incorrectly, even by those in the industry. In truth the technology most people refer to as crypto falls under the title of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), for which blockchain is a sub-category, and crypto further being a subcategory of blockchain. Understanding this is vital for conducting “crypto” investigations as new types of DLTs emerge that do not utilize traditional blockchain. F3 investigators possess a deep knowledge of distributed ledger technology at all levels which has allowed them to become leaders in the industry of crypto investigations.

What are F3 crypto investigations capable of?

Identifying and tracking transaction ID’s, wallet ID’s, exchanges, and tumbler /mixing activity.

Securing and documenting evidence for Law Enforcement, Civil Litigation, Corporate Executives.

Setting real-time surveillance alerts on specific wallet and exchange addresses.

Analyzing and filtering white noise to create a clearer picture of the activity being investigated.