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Cyber Investigations

F3 Intelligence is the premier intelligence firm for conducting cyber investigations with both its restricted and proprietary AI-driven software, paired with former U.S. intelligence analysts. Our intelligence analysts have a combined 80+ years of experience conducting all-source and open-source intelligence collection. A cyber investigation is typically part of a larger investigation, but may be conducted as a standalone service. Analysts collect data from the open, deep, and dark web sources before analyzing them into usable intelligence. Often this data and intelligence will reveal hidden user accounts, hidden records, relationships, pattern of life, location and device metadata, and much more.

Corporate: Due diligence services always include a cyber component that may aid in evaluating the health of an entity, SWOT analysis, employment screening, internal threats, and external security threats.

Legal: F3 private investigators always conduct cyber investigations as part of litigation support to attorneys. These investigations aid in opposition due diligence, asset investigations, location services, and pre-surveillance preparation.

Private individuals: Cyber investigations are frequently used to locate friends/family, perform background checks, aid in judgment collection, and for both civil and criminal investigations.