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Digital Forensics

F3 Intelligence is unique in the industry for its ability to conduct digital forensic services for a variety of clientele. Digital forensics may be a stand-alone service, or part of a larger overall investigation. Digital forensics will involve the collection and analysis of digital data from electronic devices. The data collected allows investigators to recreate timelines and events, identify bad actors and their motives, and preserve evidence for both criminal and civil cases.

Corporate: Investigators conducting internal, fraud, and embezzlement investigations will frequently utilize digital forensics given the advanced nature of many white-collar crimes.

Legal: Attorneys can frequently subpoena electronic devices for many cases. F3 investigators are able to assist in retrieving the digital data from devices, and help attorneys assess and interpret said data.

Professional Individuals: Under certain circumstances, individual clients are within their legal right to utilize our digital forensic services for a variety of both business and personal situations. A consultation with an F3 representative can help determine if your situation applies.