F3 Intelligence Corp Joins FBBA, Furthering Central Florida Footprint

Founded in 2018 by former U.S. Intelligence and Federal Law Enforcement, F3 Intelligence Corp is a national Crypto Forensic and Private Investigation agency headquartered in Orlando, Florida. F3 distinguishes itself among its peers by fusing multiple intelligence disciplines to provide timely and accurate investigative solutions to both private and corporate clientele. The firm’s services span crypto forensics, private investigations, due diligence, and corporate intelligence / internal investigations. 

Crypto Investigators are already rare, but F3 stands alone in the industry by combining both its crypto forensics capabilities with its real-world private investigative services. F3 utilizes blockchain forensic software in unison with Certified Crypto Forensics Investigators (CCFI’s) and licensed Private Investigators (PI’s) capable of conducting every aspect of an investigation from start to finish. While other Crypto Forensics companies will tell you What occurred, F3 is capable of also telling you the Who, Why, and How due to their unique resources only available to licensed private investigation agencies. F3 frequently conducts crypto investigations involving criminal fraud, embezzlement, civil litigation, asset searches, and corporate blockchain intelligence analysis.

The company’s founder, Richard Ring is a highly decorated post-9/11 special operations combat veteran and intelligence officer. Mr. Ring’s military career began as an Air Force Intelligence Analyst before undergoing assessment and selection for one of the most elite data-masked units within the Joint Special Operations Command. Mr. Ring would serve as both a Human Targeting Officer and Scientific Applications Liaison Officer, deploying with the Army’s Tier 1 data-masked units, and working directly with the CIA, DIA, and NSA. Mr. Ring still serves as a reserve intelligence targeting analyst for the United States Southern Command working various lines of operations with both U.S. and Foreign Law Enforcement.

“F3 brings a really unique service to the industry,” says Samuel Armes. “Not many blockchain investigators have the all-encompassing team F3 has. We are very excited to have them on board.”

Article originally posted at https://www.fbba.io/f3-intelligence-corp-joins-fbba-furthering-central-florida-footprint/

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