F3 Intelligence Invited to Speak on Crypto Adoption

The nation’s top Private Investigation agency, F3 Intelligence Corp, was recently asked to speak at the Orange County Bar Association in Central Florida regarding the topics of crypto adoption in the legal industry, crypto forensics, and crypto investigations. F3 has made a name for itself in the world of crypto over the last three years as they continue to push the boundaries of this new and emerging technology and its integration into everyday legal life.

The event was a full house, with most attorneys specializing in corporate law. Speaking at the event was Richard Ring, the company’s CEO, as well as three other F3 investigators specializing in cryptocurrency, fraud investigations, and white-collar crime. Mr. Ring broke the talk down into three sections:

  • Understanding crypto technology
  • How the legal sector is currently integrating crypto technology
  • How F3 conducts crypto forensics and investigations on behalf of law firms and clients

Mr. Ring was quoted as saying “This technology is still so new, it’s a lot like explaining the internet to someone in 1985. However, once you start grasping some of the basic concepts it starts making sense. My goal when educating people is to have them walk away understanding that crypto technology is about much more than just digital currency. F3 is one of the few private investigation agencies that belongs to the American Bar Association, The Florida Bar Association, and the Orange County Bar Association. We joined these associations because we believe in educating attorneys on this topic in particular. The legal field is about to go through a huge transition, and its vital that modern attorneys learn how to navigate it. ”

F3 Intelligence Corp is the nation’s leading cryptocurrency forensics and private investigation firm. The company is staffed solely by former U.S. Intelligence, former Federal Law Enforcement, and Technical Subject Matter Experts. F3 is unique in that they are capable and licensed to investigate cases both on and off the blockchain. Furthermore, F3 is often able to utilize their working relationships with state and federal law enforcement to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clientele. If you have a case that requires crypto forensics or private investigations, call F3 at 407-676-1442 or email us at [email protected]

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