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Internal Investigations

F3 Intelligence is a leader within the world of internal investigations because of both the investigators and methodologies used by our firm. White-collar crime, public relations incidents, and whistleblower allegations are exponentially increasing as the world continues to deal with unprecedented change. Simultaneously, both government and professional associations implement new regulations daily, while media outlets look to turn your company’s liability into their next headline story. This has seen the increased use of investigative firms like F3 Intelligence to prevent, detect, and implement solutions that are both discreet, while reducing client liability.

Internal investigations are formal inquires initiated by an organization to detect potential violations of government laws, regulations, or organizational policies. They may also be undertaken if criminal activity from within the organization is taking place; fraud, embezzlement, both real or intellectual property theft, ect.

F3 Intelligence successfully conducts these audits and investigations through the employment of investigators previously employed by various U.S. intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies. Simply, F3 Intelligence maintains the same investigative capabilities, methods, and professionalism from their time previous government careers. F3 Intelligence takes pride in its ability to prevent problems before they occur, but also its ability to discreetly solve those problems when they do occur.