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Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

Market analysis shows that mergers and acquisitions due diligence continues to have an upward trend going into 2022. While the process is rigorous enough, the current trend towards more innovative and technology-based entities looks to see the field grow even more complex. This puts an even greater demand on corporate clients and their legal counsel to perform thorough and competent due diligence throughout the process.

The aim of this is for analysts and investigators to empower the client and their legal team with accurate intelligence regarding the overall value and health of the entity being assessed.

The report provided by the valuation team will include:

That the assessed entity’s value is appropriate and accurate.

Any underlying or unidentified immediate and long-term risks.

That properties and assets (real and intellectual) are accurate, true, and accounted for.

The mergers and acquisitions due diligence process is performed by professionals with various investigation and analytical backgrounds, as well as special consultants from various business markets. These teams perform general analysis of the entity in question before deep diving into the details:

Profiles on C-suite and Board of Directors.

Identifying assets and properties (real and intellectual).

Disputes and legal history of the entity.

Undisclosed interests

Background checks:




Risk assessments; immediate, long-term, potential:


Government Regulation

Environmental, Political, Public Opinion and Reputation

Industry trends

Supply chain


F3 Intelligence educates clients and their legal counsel that mergers and acquisitions due diligence is preventative medicine for all parties involved. Risk mitigation and avoiding crises altogether is much more cost-effective and efficient than trying to fix a crisis and perform damage control after the fact. What is further important for clients to understand is that not all risks are malicious in nature, but can result from a variety of outside and emerging market threats that are assessed and accounted for during the due diligence process. Our teams are here to provide you with the peace of mind that allows your company to move forward and be profitable.