Our Services

Private Investigations

In the realm of private investigations, F3 Intelligence is extremely unique in both its capabilities and methods. F3 private investigators are former U.S. Intelligence, Federal Law Enforcement, and technical experts. This not only ensures their professionalism and credibility but allows them to pull from a deep network of personal relationships and associations to solve complex problems discreetly and quickly for clientele.

Why do professionals utilize licensed private investigators?

Professionals utilize private investigators for a multitude of reasons, most revolving around avoiding or solving a problem. Many times these problems are avoided or solved through the discovery of information, while other times it may take the right phone call or introduction being made on their behalf. Most of our clients are successful across many aspects of their life; family, business, friendships, and reputation. They trust F3’s professionalism and discretion to protect what they have worked so hard to acquire.

Our approach

F3 Intelligence does not operate like a traditional private investigation agency in which a single investigator is assigned to a client. Rather, we have stuck to our roots by continuing to operate as an intelligence agency. When hiring F3, the client is not being assigned an investigator, but rather the entire organization. Our private investigators and analysts have all been hired for their varied intelligence and federal law enforcement backgrounds. Investigators and analysts participate in investigations based on the relevancy of their particular skillset to a given situation.