Property Management and Private Investigators​

Property management in general is about risk mitigation and maintaining compliance, and this is where private investigators become an invaluable resource. Private investigators are used most frequently to conduct background checks and credit reports on potential tenants. The good news, these fees and charges are often covered by the potential tenant. For more expensive properties, property managers and landlords will often elect for a more thorough due diligence report on the individual. Trust us when we say this pays for itself when the average expense of a bad tenant ranges in from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time evictions, repairs, and legal costs are accounted for. HOA’s and property managers will often use private investigators to conduct surveillance and collect evidence of regulation violations by tenants and homeowners. This can range from simple HOA violations to proving a single-family dwelling is being utilized by extended family or that a property is being illegally subleased. These kinds of investigations are typically very simple, quick, and do not break the bank due to the straightforward nature of the evidence needing to be gathered. When things do go south, private investigators are often an integral part of the legal process for winning and recovering judgements against prior tenants. Private investigators know how to collect evidence and testify for legal proceedings to help you win your case. Once a judgement is issued, private investigators help in the collection of debts through locating the former tenants to be served process, as well as conducting asset searches for both money and real assets. If you are a Landlord, Property Management Company, or sit on the board of a Homeowners Association, please reach out to us about how we can help. Contact US at 407-676-1442 or [email protected]

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