University of Central Florida Speaking Event

F3 Intelligence was recently invited to speak at the University of Central Florida. The event was sponsored by UCF’s Pre-Professional Criminal Justice organization and sought to highlight the private sector’s role in combatting white collar and corporate crime. Present were F3 Intelligence’s CEO, Richard Ring, COO, Daniel Ruiz, and head of investigations, James Delia. The three spoke about the exponential increase in corporate fraud, embezzlement, and intellectually property theft plaguing the U.S. corporate sectors, and why it was so important that organizations like F3 exist to perform internal investigations for companies. One staggering number that seemed to shock the audience was that 600 billion dollars is drained from the U.S. economy annually through both domestic and foreign white-collar crimes and corporate espionage. F3 Intelligence was selected specifically to speak on the matter of internal investigations due to their reputation of changing the corporate investigation industry through their unique methods and techniques.

CEO Richard Ring explained to the UCF audience that unlike other private intelligence and investigation firms, F3 Intelligence was modeled after the various U.S. intelligence agencies he had previously worked for. F3 Intelligence is operationally broken into different directorates: Analysis, Investigations, and Technical Intelligence. All of the directorates work in unison in conducting thorough internal investigations for companies across multiple industries. What makes F3 Intelligence even more distinguished are the analysts and investigators who are handpicked from various intelligence and investigative specialties. Mr. Ring went on to state for the audience, “Rarely does one individual work a case, because no one individual specializes in everything. Our client’s demand the best because there is a lot riding on the line. We establish the internal investigation’s requirements, then orient the right people and resources towards that case.” While certain methods and tradecraft and a secret, COO Daniel Ruiz was willing to share what he considered the core of all F3 Intelligence investigations; “Everything we do revolves around the Intelligence Planning and Targeting Cycles, as well as Pattern of Life Analysis. That’s where it always starts.” Mr. Ruiz explained to the students that blending intelligence community methods with federal law enforcement investigative standards is what gives F3 Intelligence the edge when conducting complex corporate internal investigations.

Healthcare embezzlement and fraud investigations, a specialty of F3 Intelligence, was highlighted by Mr. Ring as an example of the company’s capabilities. Many students and professors were surprised to hear that healthcare was a trillion-dollar industry with hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue annually. “You can see why when you combine that kind of money with very little security procedures and vetting that healthcare is the most embezzled and defrauded industry in the United States after the U.S. government itself” Mr. Ring stated. Mr. Ring went on to further highlight, “It’s really everything from big hospital networks and chains to the specialist who owns his own practice. Some of these crimes can be very creative.” F3 Intelligence has one of the highest success rates when it comes to corporate internal investigations and are often able to help recover stolen funds. Mr. Ruiz told the audience, “Once we detect a crime is taking place and home in on a suspect its honestly all over at that point. That’s when we’ll deploy our technical intelligence team to set up custom covert surveillance options. The forensic accounting team will start uncovering assets and figuring out how they are laundering the money. Investigators will begin surveilling the suspects both physically and digitally to see where they are going and who they are talking to. This is a government level operation, but with the speed and dynamics that only a small private sector organization can offer.”

Although the event was scheduled to be 45 minutes long, an enthusiastic audience and plenty of questions had the event culminating after two hours. F3 Intelligence staff were more than happy to stay after to answer questions, with the majority of the room staying to learn what the best educational and career paths they should pursue to eventually find themselves in the private intelligence sector. Many students admitted that they had honestly never considered internal investigations in the corporate world before the night’s event. F3 Intelligence was invited to return by the UCF Pre-Professional Criminal Justice organization to speak further about the private intelligence and investigation sector with regards to white collar crime.

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