Why Is Valentine’s Day A Busy Day For Private Investigators?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it can be a time of heightened stress and anxiety for those in relationships. After all, it is the day of love. But what if you have reason to suspect that your spouse or significant other is cheating? Do you take the risk and confront them about it, possibly ruining the relationship, or do you hire a private investigator? It is not an easy decision to make and many people choose to ignore the signs until their suspicions are confirmed, often too late. However, hiring a private investigator to either uncover any infidelity or confirm one’s loyalty can help bring closure and peace of mind. Explore exactly why you should consider hiring a private investigator if you suspect your partner of cheating.

Cheating Spouses

If you think your significant other is cheating on you, there are a few things you can do to find out for sure. The easiest option is to hire a private investigator. A private investigator can conduct surveillance, and utilize restricted databases and open source intelligence tools to gather evidence that may confirm your suspicions. Of course, they may also find that you have nothing to worry about!

If you decide to go this route, you need to be sure to hire a reputable and experienced private investigator. You should also be prepared to pay for their services, as they are not always cheap. Keep in mind though that if you are not already married, hiring a private investigator to conduct due diligence into your partner is much cheaper than a divorce later down the road. If you are married, then knowing as soon as possible may allow you to take appropriate actions in your best interest as well.

In the end, only you can decide whether or not hiring a private investigator is the right decision.

Private Investigators

If you’re not sure whether or not to hire a private investigator, consider the following:

1. Do you have concrete evidence that your spouse is cheating? If you have concrete evidence, such as text messages or emails, hiring a private investigator may not be necessary. However, if you only have suspicions but no concrete evidence, a private investigator can help you gather the evidence you need.

2. Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of finding out your spouse is cheating? If you’re not sure how you would handle learning that your spouse is unfaithful, it may be better to wait before hiring a private investigator. Once the investigation is complete and there is irrefutable evidence of infidelity, there is no going back.

3. Can you afford to hire a private investigator? Private investigators typically charge by the hour or by the day, so be prepared to pay for several hours of surveillance if that’s what it takes to get definitive proof of infidelity.

If after considering these factors you decide that hiring a private investigator is right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one:

  • Make sure the private investigator is licensed and insured.
  • Most states will have a database where you can check an Agency’s license.
  • Read reviews on sites such as Google and Thumbtack.
  • Call at least three Private Investigators.
  • Do not go with the cheapest. Good PI’s charge between 100-200 / hr.
  • Ask them how long they’ve been doing this and what their background is.

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